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I paint with my hands, and with my soul. And with loud music in the background. I paint my inner state, my inner self, and observe them change with every moment in time.


It is those moments which I paint: moments of happiness, playfulness, passion, sorrow, excruciating pain, serenity, excitement, bliss, fear, anger, lust, laughter.

And the moments of pure simplicity of joy.

In my 'parallel life' I am a University professor, an International Speaker, and an advisor to Entrepreneurs, Investors, VC's and High-Level Executives. It may sound like two very different worlds, but I have come to realize that in both worlds I actually do the same: I spend life learning, teaching, creating, exploring, playing, feeling, combining mind and soul; I spend life Doing. Being. Listening. Opening. Smiling. Loving; Most of all, I try to spend life Living.

Overall, my life - as is my art - is one big colorful mixture. A mixture of experiences, feelings, selves, places, people, fields, interests, adventures - and inner moments.

Which all, for me, revolve around six cores:

Creation, Creativity, Clarity, Freedom, Love and Meaning. 

One big lively colorful mixture. 

Just as life is meant be.

-- Welcome to my journey.





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